“Risk Factor”

Risk Factor  (95 minutes) Written by Jim Murray 
Produced & directed by Frank A. Caruso. Alex Granger is a successful New York fashion photographer with a past – he is a former CIA operative specializing in surveillance work. Bored with his present life-style and craving adventure, Alex is lured back into the game by a beautiful, mysterious woman (Eve), who just happens to be in partnership with a major arms dealer (Damon Ramsay) Alex is led to believe that he’s being hired for industrial espionage and is paid a very large sum of money for his services. Former CIA partner (Rick D’Angelo) is hot on the trail of the arms dealers and when Alex is confronted with the truth, realizes he’s being implicated in their schemes. He is now caught between a “rock and a hard place” and must do whatever needs to be done to save himself.


“Tough Love”

Tough Love

Tough Love, Written, directed & produced by Frank A. Caruso Based on true events, “Tough Love” is the story of Tina, a Vietnamese refugee seeking freedom in America during the first wave of the “boat people” exodus. Her dream was to be an actress but with two young sons and a violent, jealous husband, life gets in the way. Frustration and anger pushes her into the dangerous and seedy drug world, where money and violence rule. Through sheer willpower and cunning, Tina becomes the number one drug lord in the region. Now under attack by the authorities and gang rivals, can she survive? What happens when the American Dream turns into a nightmare?

“Bitter Circle”

Bitter Circle

Bitter Circle, (86 minutes) 
Written by Frank A. Caruso & Ron Lee produced by Frank A. Caruso Directed by William F. Scott “Bitter Circle” spirals out of a confession, telling the story of an undercover cop whose grief and confusion are mired in the events of one traumatic, climactic day. The revolving door of characters, and the circular time frame, contribute to the mosaic-like structure of the film. Both a film noir and emotional drama, Bitter Circle’s intimate narration off-plays the often seedy underbelly of the film’s setting.
 Too often films are made about criminal life in a glamorous style, never investigating what the true emotional cost of such a life would be. The strength of Bitter Circle lies in its ability to go against that trend. It centers itself on the inner turmoil of a man whose life has been touched bitterly by his involvement with that life.

“Final Dance”

Final Dance ,Written by Frank A. Caruso & Vladimir Milman Directed and Produced By Frank A. Caruso) JULIA, a beautiful, naive nineteen year old dance student encounters VIKKA, a forty year old homeless man at a local restaurant. Curious, she befriends him and discovers he was once a great stage actor and dancer in Russia before he immigrated to America in search of fame and fortune. Vikka’s dream never materialized, but his love of dance continues and he becomes inspired by the young woman who is clearly falling in love with him. He falls for Julia too, but he is old enough and cynical enough to know that the nothing good can come of it. This story will resonate with everyone, regardless of age or cultural background.

“Club Utopia”

Club Utopia, Sally Enitlov needs some excitement in her unsatisfying homemaker life. Fed up with daytime talk shows and doing aerobics, she sets out into the world to make something of herself. Through a series of hilarious mishaps, she winds up becoming an exotic dancer at Club Utopia. The power she now has over men is intoxicating and her newfound confidence spills over into her home life. But something is amiss… Meanwhile, her husband Alex, a handsome, wealthy securities dealer, has his own secrets. His late-night jaunts with a sexy co-worker combined with his extreme suspicious nature are taking a toll on his marriage and his conscience. Desperate to know what his wife is up to and to ensure his infidelities are kept under wraps, he enlists a seedy private detective to sort things out. As all of these characters collide, hilarity ensues! A story filled with bizarre murder plots, unlikely co-conspirators, sex, lies and blackmail. There is never a dull moment at Club Utopia!

“Love Letters”

Love Letters

Love Letters, (98 minutes) 
Written by Frank A. Caruso and Robert Antidormi Directed and Produced By Frank A. Caruso Cindy Williams (KATHY SHOWER) is a romance writer who interviews her friends Gary and Suzanne for her up-coming book called “Love Letters”. They each share personal stories in this exciting trio of erotic vignettes.

“Night Crawlers”

Night Crawlers

Night Crawlers

“No Angel”

No Angel_edited-1 (1)

No Angel, (Romantic Thriller) Written & Directed by Frank A. Caruso. 100 min.
(1992) Domenic Cuzzocrea, Susan Hamann, Lynn Blackadar, Paul Amato, John Blackwood, Lubomir Mykytiuk), Lynette Louise….. Womanizing public relations executive finds the tables turned when he falls for a beautiful enigmatic woman. His life is now thrown into chaos, complicated by the fact his company’s latest client has connections to a mobster who is the woman’s ex-lover.