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BRETT HALSEY Testimonial for Frank Caruso

In my long, award winning acting career I have worked with many noted directors: Robert Wise, Clint Eastwood, Francis Ford Coppola etc.

Frank Caruso has not yet achieved the fame of these gentlemen, but based on my experience working with him, I am convinced that when given the opportunity to direct a film that fits the size of his talent, Frank’s name will be up there among the best of them.

Brett Halsey

DON CULLEN Testimonial for Frank Caruso

Note: Don Cullen worked for CBC in many capacities over the years as a writer and performer. He was a regular on “The Wayne and Shuster show” for 25 years and performed in the Broadway comedy “Beyond The Fringe”.

He was founder of the “Bohemian Embassy Coffee House at the height of the Yorkville era.

It was back in the early 1990’s that I first encountered Frank Caruso. He had been the proprietor of a coffee house in North Bay, Ontario which parraleled my own Bohemian Embassy Coffee House in Toronto.  Indeed he hired such talents as Gordie Lightfoot as had I.

This warm, outgoing young man informed me that he had made a feature film in his home town with mostly volunteer talent. I was sufficiently aware to know that the chances of such a project being good were one in a million. I didn’t want to see it. I didn’t want to be put into the awkward position of being overly diplomatic or downright uncomplimentary.

To my total surprise and relief I liked it. I  was not bored !

Frank’s script worked. The characters were well defined. I cared about them.  My interest was held until the very end.

To have accomplished what he did in a small community in Northern Ontario with only the resources he had at his disposal – Frank Caruso is a genius.

In the intervening years, Frank has proven time and again that my first assessment of his work was the right one.

He politely muscles his way to the proper conclusions.

I have seem him in action. I have worked under his direction.

In a  world replete with film makers, we are presented with movies where the camera is the only thing in focus, certainly not the script, the characterizations nor the ultimate impact.

I am not against experimentation in film.  In fact I am in favour of it, but too often the basic concepts are shallow, witless and vacuous.

Whether it’s a parody, a satire or a plain statement, Frank’s work has a structure and clarity of meaning.

I endorse Frank Caruso and everything I have said about his creative life.

Don Cullen

JIM MURRAY Testimonial for Frank Caruso

“I have worked with Frank on screen projects for more than 20 years. In that time I have found his talent, skill and dedication to the craft of film making, in all its facets from raising funding to final post and sales, to be second to none. He has developed the amazing ability to extract blood from stones which in turn has allowed him to make quality films on shoestring budgets. With even a modest ‘normal’ budget, I am certain he will be able to create small masterpieces.”

Jim Murray